Page 226 of 365: To My Future Child



No, I’m not pregnant. Mum, calm down, Nan, don’t get excited. I just saw this as an idea and thought it would be really interesting to write a letter to a prospective child that isn’t even idea yet.

Dear future child,

How’re you doing? I hope you’re happy, first of all. I worry a lot about being a good parent which is kind of stupid right now because I’m 18 and single and family isn’t anything I’m even considering seriously at all but I never want to hear you crying alone in your room knowing you don’t think you can talk to me.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Am I happy? What’s home life like? At this point I have absolutely no idea. I hope it’s fun, I hope we laugh a lot and have family in-jokes and play games at the dinner table. I hope you express yourself and you have passion for whatever you do – right now, I feel like it might be creative because that’s all I do and I’m attracted to passionate creative people but who knows what you could love.

Maybe you love maths. As long as you know I won’t be able to help you with your homework any time after you’re 14, I think we’ll be okay.

Right now, the thought of bringing up another human and being responsible for someone’s life terrifies me a lot. There are girls my age that had toddlers and I don’t understand it but they’re actually really good mums – I don’t want to say ‘I hope you’re not starting a family’ because different people are ready at different times, but my mum always told me to do everything you want between the ages of 20 and 30. I don’t know when I’ll settle down or even if I do, but I think working and travelling and making memories should come before you have a family.

Damn it, I’m trying not to sound judgemental.

I hope I remember I wrote this. Time mystifies me and I want to know if this blog stands the test of time. Maybe you’ll find this before I remember it. Maybe you have your own blog and can write your own response. What a funny thought.

But I stand by my first question – are you happy? I think that’s most important.

I didn’t know how to end a letter to a figurative child, so I address this to anyone reading it in real time – thank you for reading!

Sophie xx

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