Page 224 of 365: Wasted Cake (creative writing)



I’m really into creative writing and it’s been over a week since I posted the Book Store story (which I really do love) so here’s another short story that I think will be adorable! 

Extended title: ‘I dropped my slice of cake right after I bought it and you see how devastated I look, so you treat me to another slice’ AU

It had been a long day – I’d been fired this morning and I couldn’t face going home to tell my brother that I wouldn’t be able to give him my half of the rent again this month. He wouldn’t be angry, he’d just sigh and run his hand through his hair and tell me he’d make it up somehow and that was worse.

So I’d gone to the closest internet cafe I could find, instantly searching for new jobs and sending emails to old contacts to see if I could pull any favours.

I set up my laptop, having really minimal luck with the immediate contacts I made and deciding today, I deserved cake. I didn’t care about my diet right now – I needed to comfort eat right now.

I went up to the counter and picked a slice of cake with butter cream icing and a chocolate-dipped strawberry on the top. I couldn’t help but smile just looking at it.

“How can I help?” The waiter asked, a recycled smile on his lips.

“Can I have a piece of that, please.” I asked, pointing through the glass to the cake I’d picked and he nodded, telling me how much I owed him and serving up the cake for me. I thanked him, taking the plate and turning back to my table.

But there was a small child running around my legs and I stumbled in attempt to avoid them, the plate slipping from my hand and crashing to the floor. I just stared in aw, letting out a deep sigh as I stared at the cake. I knelt down to start picking up the pieces of the plate and trying to scrape the cake off the floor. I’d even managed to cut my hand open on the shards of china plate.

Moments later, the guy that served me was kneeling opposite me, taking the plate and putting it on a tray. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll clean it up.”

“Thank you.” I mumbled, standing and trying to ignore the blood on the palm of my hand as I sat somewhat numb – it was a piece of cake, it was just a piece of cake but it was the last straw.

I closed my laptop just as the same waiter sat opposite me, holding up a first aid kit. “Do you want me to have a look at that for you?” He offered.

I glanced at my hand, noticing the tears stinging my eyes and wanting to be alone. “No thank you, it’ll be fine.” I shrugged.

“It doesn’t look it.” He smiled genuinely at me – as if he actually cared. He can’t have been much older than me but he definitely didn’t have any idea what kind of day I’d had. I lay my hand on the table, letting him disinfect it and put a crepe bandage on it. “Not severe enough for stitches I’m afraid. You’ll be just fine.” He made an effort to smile at me again. I nodded my thanks and he stood and went back to his job.

I opened my computer again, finding my headphones and trying to distract myself while I sat in the fairly busy cafe – willing myself not to cry.

I’d sent three more emails and searched seven different job websites by the time another plate was slid onto my table with an intact piece of cake, perhaps with even more butter cream than the first.

I went up to the counter to pay again but the waiter just smirked. “It’s on me.”

Can I write something that’s not a cheesy romance? Probably, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to – I thoroughly enjoy writing cheesy romance.

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be home from Ecuador! If I’m awake and together enough to add something to this post to say hello and let you know I survived, I’m sure it’ll be added here.

EDIT: Hello! I’m home, awake and together enough to say hello! I did survive, I had an absolutely incredible month and it’s flown by! I can’t wait to tell you all about it, the scheduled posts draw to a close on Sunday so I’ll start telling you all about it on Monday! Good luck to anyone collecting A Level results tomorrow!

Thank you for reading, from past and present Sophie,

Sophie xx

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