Page 223 of 365: A Brief Explanation of Why I Love 5SOS So Much: A Summary: Kind Of



I like 5 Seconds of Summer, I’ve definitely never mentioned it before, I don’t talk about it ever and I definitely don’t have their logo tattooed on my wrist.

Nope. Definitely not.

Lol, sarcasm over – I really love 5 Seconds of Summer probably more than I’ve ever loved any other band and they’re still only my second favourite band. I can’t even find the words for how much I love All Time Low.

So I thought I’d try to explain the 5SOS thing, because I think I’ve figured out the main reasons.

Short disclaimer: when I say anything that somewhat resembles suggesting I ‘know’ the band or who they are in person, just assume I mean I know their celebrity selves, because I’m not stupid enough to think that I actually know them.

And with that in mind, I think the main reason I love 5SOS is because they’re complete losers. They’ve got a game online that resembles Pac Man but with their face, they have made world wide trends involving ewoks, toast and the doge meme and they have a weekly trend called Derp Face Wednesday. 

They’re complete losers, they’re hilariously pathetic and that’s why I love them so much I hate them. I think I insult them more than I actually spread positivity about them because when I love something that much, I just get affectionately mean about it.

Obviously the biggest and main reason I love 5 Seconds of Summer is the music – I came for the music, I still adore the music and finding new layers to their songs and interpreting their lyrics. I’m really gutted that I’m missing a bunch of announcements while I’ve gone (no spoilers in the comments please, Adela’s going to tell me what I’ve missed and I’m kind of nervous they’re going to announce an album while I’m away). 

But the difference between liking this band and loving this band is the amount I care about the people, not just the music. I just hope they’re happy and healthy in whatever they do.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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