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I love comedy – I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it on my blog before but I love stand up comedy. I’ve seen Al Murray on stage and I was 15 and he said I was jail bait (oops) and I saw Michael McIntyre in Sheffield and they were both hilarious.

I used to have a top three comedians – Michael McIntyre, Russell Howard and Jack Whitehall – but Jon Richardson turned it into a top 4 and then Josh Widdicombe turned it into a top 5. I have 5 favourite comedians. At least I haven’t ranked them. (yet)

Me and mum sit most nights after my dad and my sister have gone to bed and watch a variety of comedy shows – panel shows, stand up DVDs, live performances, whatever’s on if they’re not too crude.

My mum and I have a pretty dry sense of humour – sarcasm, rants and quick punch lines. We’ll often sit and have the show on in the background and we’ll giggle a bit but if we’re really watching them, we can roar with laughter and I remember a particular New Years Eve when it was just my lovely mother and I and it was the first Michael McIntyre DVD I’d ever seen and there were legitimate tears rolling down my cheeks, it was brilliant.

I think what I love about most stand-ups is that most of their jokes and stories are based on really, really domestic, relatable things. Jon Richardson tells a story about being annoyed that his room mates didn’t tidy the flat the way he wanted because he has mild OCD and that is incredibly relatable to a girl who has clothes all over her bedroom floor.

I’m joking (or at least, trying to) – I do relate to most of the stories but the delivery is very important to telling the story. I think a lot about how these comedians seem like the kind of people who are quite introverted and somewhat shy but then they stand in front of thousands of people and tell what are generally quite embarrassing stories.

I love comedy and I hope at University I’ll get to go to a lot more comedy gigs.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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