Page 216 of 365: 10 Reasons You’re Not Having a Puppy (thanks Mum)



When I told my mum it’s written a 10 step puppy plan for my sister, she laughed and told me to send it to her so she could write a response. Here is that response. (read yesterday’s post for the original list!)

1. Get cute photos/make a fact page
I don’t ‘do’ cute photos. Full stop! And you see a cute ball of fluffiness – I see dog hair all over the house, threads of drool dropping from mouths, unhygienic licky tongues and bags of dog poo.

2. Don’t mention it too often
You mention it far, far, far too often!

I want to add that this is addressed to my sister. I don’t think I’ve ever asked for a puppy.

3. When you do mention it, include facts of why it would be good for you
I don’t want facts – I want action. Get up early and go for walks – then I might start to be convinced.

4. Find someone who could look after the puppy when you’re not there
I know you will suggest your mad Aunty Heather – but she has other puppy priorities too so would not always be available. And we do go away quite a bit. 

5. Find somewhere that does puppy training classes
I’m still looking for someone who does Child Training Classes – good luck with that!

6. Start going for walks
I think I have been saying this ever since you started asking – puppies still need walking on really hot days!

7. Don’t mention it too often, include facts
I don’t want facts – I want actions!

8. Price up how much puppy’s cost
Now this one I completely agree with!


9. Try to convince dad it won’t ruin the garden
Good point! He would not be happy if it dug up his plants.

10. Pray to the Gods
Or buy me a chocolate and pour me wine – that might work – eventually!

So, all in all – my last point in yesterday’s post about accepting that you’re not getting a puppy and you should start picking names for your guinea pigs, Laura!

I hope this has been entertaining for everyone who isn’t my sister or my mum! Just over a week till I get home!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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3 thoughts on “Page 216 of 365: 10 Reasons You’re Not Having a Puppy (thanks Mum)

  1. So I definitely want to help your sister!
    Hi Sophie´s Mom, my name is Nina and I have 2 dogs. We got the first one, when I was six, the other one when I was twelve. Charly (the dog we got, when I was 12) is mine. Of course it is hard to go out everyday, when it is extremely hot or it´s raining like hell. But at the end of the day I really love having 2 dogs!! After a while it is like another brother/sister, you get so much love back, it just makes me a way happier person!! And the thing about traveling: There is nothing better than going on holidays with your dog! And if you cannot take him with you,you ALWAYS find someone, no one can resist the cute eyes of a puppy/dog!!

    I hope I could help somehow, sorry for my english… :0
    Love your blog btw,
    Nina xx


  2. Hi Nina – your English is brilliant! I hear what you are saying – but we probably should have got a dog five or six years ago!! Now Sophie and laura are growing up ad off to college and uni – so I would be left with a dog to walk and feed and fuss! I am trying to pursuade them that a guinea pig is a better option – as they can take that with them when they leave!!
    You are doing a great job on blogsitting – well done! Not long til she is back now. Love Sophie's Mom xx


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