Page 215 of 365: 10 Step Plan To Convince My Mum To Let My Sister Have A Puppy



My sister decided some time ago that she’d like a puppy – she put a lot of research into finding dogs that didn’t shed hair (hypoallergenic is the term, look at me I researched too!) and she decided she wants a toy poodle puppy and she wants to name is Baymax, after the marshmallow character in Big Hero 6.

Very cute, I thought. 

But she’s not been very successful in convincing my mum to let her have a puppy. So she asked me to devise a list of tips and obviously I took it very seriously.

So here’s a 10 Step Plan to Convince Mum to let us you get a puppy, a blog post for my sister:

1 – Get lots of cute photos and make a fact page so mum knows all about what breed you want.

2 – Don’t mention it too often. This, Laura, is your greatest downfall.

3 – When you do mention it, include facts of why it would be good for you and how it could make you happier.

4 – Find someone who could look after the puppy when you’re not there.

5 – Find somewhere that does puppy training classes you could go to.

6 – Start going for walks – either on the treadmill or into the outerness. Preferably outside, even on hot days.

7 – Mention it to mum again, but not too often and not just ‘can I have a puppy?’ – you need solid facts!

8 – Price up how much buying things for a puppy would cost and think of ways to make the money yourself.

9 – Try to convince dad it won’t ruin the garden.

10 – Pray to the Gods.

I think these are very genuine tips that my sister should follow.

Bonus tip: just accept you’re not getting a puppy. Start planning your guinea pig names.

Lots of love, from past Sophie, love you sister *kiss kiss*

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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