Page 211 of 365: Using Americanisms



I never thought I’d be someone who started using American terminology – even though I watched a lot of American TV when I was a kid and a lot of the things and people I interact with online are American or American based, I still spoke using a lot of English stereotypes and if you watch my YouTube channel (I’m really subtle with my promo, right?) you’ll know I speak with a very English accent. Apparently people on tumblr think it’s really cute. I’m not quite sure why.

But recently I’ve started using a lot of American terminology – I’ve started saying ‘pants’ instead of trousers or jeans without even thinking about it, I have to mentally correct myself. I’ve started saying ‘zee’ instead of ‘zed’ in the pronunciation of ‘Z’; not that I pronounce ‘Z’ all that often but that’s beside the point. I say ‘couch’ instead of ‘sofa’, I often write ‘mom’ instead of ‘mum’ online and I say ‘ass’ instead of ‘arse’. It’s worst than my use of internet slang in real life.

I think it’s mostly because I see my friends and people I’ve met online using these phrases a lot and I’m more exposed to that than the British counterpart. I do correct myself into using the British terms and I’m definitely not losing my accent any time soon (though an American accent is the only accent I can do) but I just think it’s really interesting that these words have become part of my vocabulary.

Maybe I’m just being naive – maybe it’s more than just America that uses the terms I’m using and Britain is the unusual one, maybe it’s exposure to a variety of different nationalities rather than exclusively Americans.

I still think it’s interesting that terminology from other cultures is working its way into my culture – maybe America is taking over the world.

Hopefully not, I’m quite fond of Britain, even with all its flaws.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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