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Basing my creative writing on ‘au’ posts on tumblr is what I have found to be most effective and the best way to get a really emotive short story in a really wide variety of situations.

Also I thought it would be nice for my tumblr followers if I included a little bit of 5SOS and I pictured Calum the whole time I was writing this. So yes, this is essentially fanfiction but if you don’t know who Calum from 5SOS is then it’s completely original.

So here’s ‘I crashed your family member’s wedding for the free food but hi there’.

The wedding reception was beautiful – there were flowers everywhere and everyone was drinking and dancing, everything was about the bridge and groom and it was beautiful.

He was the best man – the bride was his sister and she looked stunning; he’d never been more proud of his big sister than on her wedding day.

He’d been trying to socialise – mingling with everyone and getting to know the groom’s guests that he wasn’t so familiar with, all of whom complimented him on his speech and told him he was a very good public speaker, which was reassuring considering how nervous he was.

He’d spotted someone at the buffet table he hadn’t seen all night – she was wearing what looked like a very casual, floral summer dress and her hair fell in loose ringlets down her back. She seemed to just be perusing the food and observing the party in full swing but he had no idea who she was.

“Hey,” He approached her with a smile, assuming she was somewhat related to his brand new brother-in-law.

“Hiya.” She smiled, taking another bite of whatever pretentious salad food had been provided by the hotel.

“I’m Calum, Mali’s brother, best man.” He blushed, introducing himself by holding out her hand for him to shake. She covered her mouth as she finished her mouthful, shaking his hand. “And… who are you?” He felt like he was really having to pick this girl apart.

“I, uh, I’m not a guest. I was working at the bar and I was just grabbing some food before I left because I’ve been here all day and I did three hours over time.” She rambled.

“So you’re not meant to be here?” He asked warily.

“Technically I crashed your sister’s wedding for free food, yes. But I wasn’t going to interrupt, I’m just starving. I’ll go.” She turned towards the exit, feeling completely like she was invading. 

“Wait,” He pulled her back, gently tugging on her wrist. “Don’t worry about it – take what you want. You could stay, if you liked. You look very pretty in that dress, it would be a shame for it to go to waste. Can I get you a drink?”

She paused. “I basically stole food and you’re inviting me in?”

“It was left over food anyway – the bar was manic earlier, you must have been rushed off your feet.” She was still somewhat unconvinced. He sighed, taking a tray of little sandwiches and handing them to her. “Maybe I’m a little tipsy and I think you’re beautiful but hey, it’s a wedding. It’s my sister’s wedding, I probably won’t get another night like this.” He shrugged.

She smiled. “Okay Calum, one drink.”

Who knows where the night could have ended?! Ooh dramatic!

Whilst I do somewhat consider myself a writer and I love writing original fiction, I love writing fanfiction. I’m just coming to terms with not being ashamed of it.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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