Page 202 of 365: Accepting Others



Today, another post suggested by someone on tumblr. dankhxwell asked this:

“it would be nice to see someone write about how to accept people, if you get what I mean. Like, just generally, being tolerant and accepting of others.”

Now this is something I can sink my teeth into! This could mean so many things on so many different levels – immediately, I thought of accepting celebrities for who they are and respecting them as people but then I thought of people that have features that aren’t deemed ‘conventionally attractive’ or ‘societally accepted’ but then on another level I could even talk about gender and sexuality.

But I don’t think I know enough about gender and sexuality to talk about it completely.

So I’m going to try and talk about respect and being a decent human being – encompassing all of these things and bundling them all into one. I hope this is what dankhwell wanted!

People have differences – that’s what makes humanity so interesting and why I more often than not accidentally end up staring at people because I’m just wondering what their story is or why they’re walking down the street with a guitar or why they’re running through the train station.

I’m trying not to think negative things about people, I’m just intrigued. I love people watching.

I went to a wedding when I was 13 and my mum and I spent a long time judging what everyone was wearing and it was hilarious and fun, but we weren’t being unkind to people – we said that some dresses didn’t suit people and some should have bought a size or two bigger, but we never criticised the people themselves. I think that’s okay, do correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll work on it.

I love people watching – I love seeing how diverse and beautiful society is and it really doesn’t take very much to accept people for who they are. 

The biggest way I think to get around this, is really considering how much of an affect that person has on your life. If you see someone with a facial piercing or tattoos you don’t like, how much is it going to affect you? Does it stop you from functioning as a human being? Will it interrupt your day? Nope. And it’s likely that criticising these people isn’t going to change anything so you’ll live a happier life if you don’t worry about theirs. It’s easier.

Same applies to celebrity culture – it’s more than likely that the celebrity you’re criticising, doesn’t know you. Your comments disapproving of what they’re doing or their lifestyle isn’t going to change anything – it’s just going to make you angry about something that you really don’t need to be angry about. Do something that makes you happy – leave the thing that makes you angry behind.

Life’s easier if you don’t worry about other people – do what makes you happy.

I hope this is what was asked for.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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