Page 199 of 365: Growing Up Happy



I asked my tumblr followers if there was anything they wanted me to write about and I got a message from dreamslastforeternity that asked this:

“dealing with growing up? so things like sixth form, leaving school/university etc. and how to process it?”

Which is a brilliant question that I don’t think I’m qualified to answer but I’ll try anyway!

Dealing with growing up is different for everyone – people hit puberty at different times, some people find their best friends at different times, some people don’t find their ‘group’ of friends till much later on in life and I’m hardly an advocate for living the happiest of teenage lives since I’m almost 19 and only just figured out how to be really, truly happy.

The biggest piece of advice I’d give to anyone who’s struggling with friends or anything right now – whether you’re going through school or you’ve graduated, any time really – is to be happy with yourself and stop relying on other people. If you’re doing something with intent to impress other people or making something for someone else just stop for a minute, sit back and ask yourself ‘Am I happy right now?’. Does that outfit make you feel cute? Does making that thing make you happy or calm or fire you up? Find your passion in the things you do – find happiness in yourself and make yourself someone you can rely on and you’ll be the happiest ‘you’ you can be.

That was bit deep wasn’t it?

Regarding school – A Levels, college, whatever – do what makes you happiest, even if that’s not necessarily what you’re ‘best’ at. I took English Literature, English Language, Maths and Chemistry and I enjoyed chemistry but I wasn’t very good at it, I was okay at maths (at first) but I now hate it. I still love English even though they weren’t my greatest strengths. I wish I’d taken both English’s (I spent too long wondering whether that needed an apostrophe or not, clearly I’m not very good at English), drama and psychology. I think I’d have enjoyed them a lot more, but obviously you can only spend your time once.

If you don’t enjoy school, all I can suggest is finding something that makes you happy to do alongside school to make finishing it more bearable. When you think about school as a tiny part of your life and how much time you have to live after you’ve finished school? It seems insignificant. 18 years of your life? You’re probably going to live that three times over after school and you’ll find something or someone that makes you really happy. Maybe you’ll even look back at school fondly. I know I do and I only left like, a month ago.

I can’t talk much about university because I don’t even know if I’m going yet, but right now I’m excited because my course is just learning how to do what I’m already doing better.

My YouTube videos are going to be so much better with all the equipment I’ll be able to borrow – I’ll have lights and I can edit on Final Cut Pro! My heart rate is accelerating just thinking about it, and I know it’ll make my mum happy to actually see me getting excited about it and not freaking out.

Thank you for reading, I have a few more tumblr suggested posts in the works!

Sophie xx

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