Page 198 of 365: Playing with Music



I just saw this post on tumblr that is a cello/piano cover of Centuries by Fall Out Boy and oh my god, it’s incredible. I love orchestral music – it’s so intricate and beautiful and just gives a song a whole other layer. I love pop music (or any kind of music, really) that uses violins or pianos or jazz instruments, which seem to be increasingly popular at the moment and it’s amazing.

As someone who played the flute for five years, had singing lessons for two and played the saxophone for nearly seven years, I have a love for orchestral music. I love listening to movie soundtracks (particularly Marvel movies) and the music in Doctor Who is astounding, it’s on my bucket list to go to the Doctor Who proms.

The first time I can remember seeing someone take a popular song and playing it more classically was an orchestral cover of nyan cat. It’s an experience, it really is.

Another thing I see a lot of on tumblr and absolutely adore is mash ups – seeing songs that really compliment each other, especially songs that you don’t think should go together but really do or even layering the same song on top of itself or delaying it slightly – it’s amazing, I wish I had the software and skill to play with music like that.

Here a few of my favourites from my likes on tumblr!

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift) / Centuries (Fall Out Boy)

This Is Gospel (Panic! At The Disco) Piano – Triple Layered

Long Way Home (5 Seconds of Summer) – bonfire edit

Oh Calamity (All Time Low) / Close As Strangers (5 Seconds of Summer)

Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer / Centuries (Fall Out Boy)

Everything I Didn’t Say (5 Seconds of Summer) – Music Box

Long Way Home (5 Seconds of Summer) / Last Night (The Vamps)

Amnesia (5 Seconds of Summer) – Piano and Rain

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) – Music Box

Strong (One Direction) – Piano

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) / My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) (Fall Out Boy)

It’s Time (Imagine Dragons) / Check Yes Juliet (We The Kings)

And lastly, What Makes Your Circus Afro Beautiful, for all the One Direction/Madagascar fans.

Apparently I went through an Imagine Dragons phase the further back through my likes I went! I didn’t realise how many amazing edits I had and how great some of them were, I thoroughly enjoyed making this post.

I just adore music. I don’t know if you can tell.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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