Page 192 of 365: Tour of my Garden (photography)



I’ve spent a lot of time in my garden recently and it’s really pretty so I thought I’d show you around!

This is my (mum’s) chair and my generic set up for the afternoon – notebook, iPod, glasses in case the sun goes in and usually a drink. I think I got one after I took the photos.

Window sill plants, but also fancy pants flower photography.

We have lavender in our garden feat. my dad’s butt.

We call this ‘The Angel of the Midlands’ because my dad wanted to have a wall plant but my mum and I think it looks like a bit like Jesus. Also, this plant grows into mine and my sister’s windows.

My dad grows beans, is that interesting? Probably not, but it’s part of the garden.

Pretty flowers. I like taking photos of flowers.

This is the shed with bikes and scooters and really old garden chairs that we don’t use. If I had photoshop, I feel like this could be a really cute tumblr photo.

The row of not-award winning plants at the back of our garden.

How cute is this corner? There used to be a bench but I think it was rotting away, literally.

I took another sneaky photo of my dad’s butt because I’m hilarious.

This is a box of balls and water guns that probably haven’t been touched in literally ten years.

The collection of rocks that live on the garden table. My sister picked them up on a beach and apparently this makes them important.

My usual view when I’m in the garden. Maybe I do need a fake tan.

And then this is what I look out to when I need a bit of inspiration.

I really love my garden. It sounds stupid to say I’ve ‘grown up’ with it but there are plants that I used to be able to hurdle that are almost as tall as me now – this garden has changed so much now and whilst I’m still bitter that the trampoline was removed without my consultation, I think the garden looks really beautiful right now.

Thank you for reading, or looking, I guess,

Sophie xx

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