Page 191 of 365: Glasses in summer



I am a person who wears glasses. I have been a wearer of glasses since I was 5 years old, I wore contacts for a couple of years in secondary school then I went back to glasses because contacts gave me headaches.

I suit glasses, to be honest I think I look weird without them now but god they’re inconvenient in summer.

Every time I want to put sunglasses on, I have to take my seeing glasses off. When I keep my sunglasses on, I can’t see anything and I end up with a headache because I don’t have the bits of glass that help me see and I have to work harder to actually see things.

There’s not really a solution to my dilemma but I wanted to have a bit of a moan because it’s summer and I’ve been writing blog posts in the garden for an hour and a half and my brain hurts.

It’s a dilemma, a dilemma I can blog about.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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