Page 190 of 365: Clouds



I feel like my saying ‘I like clouds’ is a kind of stupid declaration, considering my blog and my YouTube channel are called ‘Sophie Counts Clouds’. My username comes from the fact I once heard the phrase ‘counting clouds’ and thought it would be a good name for a book or a band and added it to a list of book or band names I have on my phone. I consulted this list when making my YouTube channel and thought ‘Sophie Counts Clouds’ sounded cute, kind of daydream-like, which I thought suited me well.

But I spent a lot of today just staring at clouds, watching them roll through the sky and really understanding why people associate them with daydreaming because I did find myself getting a bit lost in them.

There’s a bit grey cloud moving over my garden right now and I’m not too bothered because it’s masking the burning heat just a little bit.

From a writer’s perspective, I think clouds are this really powerful force of nature – GCSE English taught me that pathetic fallacy is the name of a device used when whether reflects the mood of a piece. Like in ‘King Lear’, there is a storm when Lear goes off on one about betrayal (that’ll get me an A in A Level English Literature) and in every rom com ever, it’s sunny when the protagonist is happy. This might just be me being a little bit pretentious but clouds can represent much more complex emotions – they taint the clear blue sky or they give the first drop of rain.

But mostly I associate clouds with Andy’s wallpaper in Toy Story.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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