Page 184 of 365: Being Tall



When I posted my photos from prom on my tumblr, I got at least ten messages asking how tall I was because I seemed really tall in the photos. That, of course, started a whole debate about whether being tall was a good thing or not so I thought I’d discuss that a little bit!

As someone who is 5’10” and has always been taller than pretty much everyone else my age at school, I have an immediately negative view of being tall – I always look like a giant compared to other people, whenever someone is taking a photo of me they’re often shorter than me and get my worst angle and hugging people has the potential to be really, really awkward.

Don’t even get me started on tall people clothes problems – finding jeans that fit are a nightmare, finding skirts that are an appropriate length are awful because they’re either too short or a really weird too long mid-calf length and dresses always have the waist in the wrong place. Yes, most places have a ‘tall’ section, but it contains normally about twenty items that aren’t the pretty items advertised on the home page of whatever clothing website and if I’m wanting a short dress, they’re always that little bit too long.

Wearing something short and appropriate is a nightmare.

But being tall isn’t really that bad – I can reach things on top shelves, it’s hard to lose me in a crowd because I’m normally a head above everyone else (and I’ll have blue hair soon – I’ll be un-lose-able) and being able to see at concerts isn’t an issue unless you’re behind the boyfriend of a short girl who’s determined that she has to be able to see.

From a very vain point of view, I’ve got legs that go on for three hundred miles and they’re somewhat muscly and I quite like them – I guess I’m lucky with my height as I have long legs and a long body so I’m very proportionally tall, whereas some people have long legs or a long body and not always both.

I don’t hate being tall that much, but my school was populated by mostly short people and very few tall guys. I need a community of tall people that aren’t assholes, I might set up a club at uni (if I get in!).

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Sophie xx

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