Page 180 of 365: How My Parents Met



For my nan’s birthday, my mum gave her this ‘Grannies Memory Book’ that she’d bought from the book barn we went to in Derbyshire last week. When my nan was browsing through it in the restaurant we went to for her birthday dinner (which was astonishingly good, by the way), she found a couple of questions that made my mum say that was the reason she bought it.

The question asked how her parents met and she couldn’t remember. My nan couldn’t remember how her parents, my great-grandma and great-granddad met and mum said that she wants me and my sister to be able to tell our children and grandchildren (if we have them) all about their relatives and their stories.

So I thought I’d talk now about how my parents met (to my understanding, at least), so I’ll have a record of it and in the future when I’m old and my kids know more about the internet than I do, they can read all my old blog posts and laugh at what a weird teenager I was.

My parents met at a hotel called the Oasis in Lanzarote. They were complete strangers and they both went on holiday and they remained strangers for the whole week and they both went home.

Thrilling story, right?

The interesting bit is that they both went back to the same hotel, picking the same week, a year later. My dad walked up and down the stairs thirty times before he went and asked my mum if anyone was sitting at the other end of the sofa she was sat on to read his paper.

And the rest is history. Well, the rest is me and my sister.

I love that story, I think it’s adorable but I’m sure there’s more that they haven’t told us – they don’t talk about that story a lot which is what I think makes it so special.

I love memories like that and I love having stories like that to tell, so I hope my nan remembers some other stories that she writes in her book that I can retell. I think it’s important to pass on stories, it’s how people learn things. In the header photo there are three generations of McPhersons (my mum’s side of the family, technically I could be a McPherson if I wanted to but I’m too proud of being a Luckett to use another name, oops!) and I love it. It was from my 18th birthday and I’m really glad to have my own memories. I can’t wait to make more.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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