Page 179 of 365: Colouring



Since finishing school, nothing has really stopped. I was in London then I was in Derbyshire then it was my nan’s birthday and then, last Thursday, I got to have an organising day. I made a bunch of lists for Ecuador and I made a calendar and more lists about videos and blog posts and I feel much more organised and I’m getting ahead.

So I’m writing two blog posts a day, so I’m starting to write about days that are further and further away from the day I am living. I.e. I’m writing this on the Thursday I’m having an organisation day. What’s it like in the future? That was weird. Oh dear, the organisation is driving me insane.

Anyway! Recently it seems to have become a trend that people buy ‘adult’ colouring books (not explicit ones, gross) and use them to relax. My mum bought me an ‘Indian Summer’ because it had some elephants in and it’s staring at me and I really want to just sit and colour because I have lots of writing to do and procrastination is it’s most tempting when you have lots to do.

I also found a Spider-Man colouring book and a Spider-Man sticker book, because amongst all these ‘adult’ colour books there’s definitely still room for kids colouring books.

When the weather picks up and I’m more ahead with my writing I’m definitely going to sit outside in the sun and colour or read or maybe write by hand, get away from the technology for a bit. I’m excited about this but it’s England so whether the weather actually will pick up is a different question entirely.

By ‘more head with my writing’ I mean maybe I’ll get out of bed before 12.30pm and start writing blog posts before 4.20pm. I’m somewhat organised, I’m mostly lazy.

I’m really loving blogging right now, otherwise I’d never be able to write two posts a day. I hope you like reading it as much as I like writing it!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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