Page 174 of 365: Meeting Internet Friends



If you ever get the chance to meet a friend you made online, do it. Do it, do it, do it because anyone that ever tells you that internet friendship isn’t real just hasn’t made the right internet friend.

Yesterday I got to meet Emma, we first started messaging over a year ago to the extent that one of my friends knew ‘aussiegrl303’ because I’d always tell her about messages we sent to each and we’ve talked kind of sporadically ever since and meeting her was just so, so lovely.

It was like everything just fell into place – we started off talking about school and explaining the differences between the English and the American education systems and then we talked about everything and it just came so naturally. There were no awkward silences, her sister was really friendly, our parents got on really well – it was like meeting an old friend but getting to know them all over again. 

I learnt so much about the girl I’ve been talking to for a year and we’ve already planned to meet up again – I’m going to go to the US or she’s going to come back over here or we’re going to go to Australia together and it’s going to be incredible.

It was really sweet, we went back up to the rooms in the pub accommodation we’re staying in and my mum was in mine and my sister’s room and she just kind of smiled and nodded and said “Yeah, we’ll definitely meet up with them again” and just the fact that my mum enjoyed it as much as I did just makes it mean so much more.

Obviously you have to be careful online, there are people who pretend to be people they’re not and not everyone is going to be a real teenage girl – both of our parents were glad we weren’t 51 year old men – but if you’ve been talking to someone for quite a long time and you get the chance to meet them then take it, because you’ll have the chance to turn an internet friendship into a real friendship.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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One thought on “Page 174 of 365: Meeting Internet Friends

  1. I have a friend like that ^_^ I met her while blogging, and I knew her as “Magenta” for years. She lives in Florida, and I in Utah, and after 5 years of being friends we finally got to meet in person, and it was absolutely amazing ^__^ Meeting a digital friend is absolutely magical!


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