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Yesterday I promised a photography post because I’ve not done one for ages so I’ve been taking photos of my day and I thought I’d talk you through it. Despite the weather being shocking, it’s been a pretty cute day.

We started the day at a discount book shop that we found years and years ago and have been obsessed with for years – I bought all the books in the header photo for under £40. They’re reduced to probably a quarter of the recommended retail price and it had a combination of main stream and ‘less popular’ books, so to speak, so you find some real gold. It’s just a giant warehouse lined entirely by books, it’s beautiful.

We then drove on to a town called Buxton (y’know Buxton water? That’s where it comes from) and I found these potted plant people. After initially finding them very creepy, I decided they were kind of cute.

We went straight for lunch after that – we found this cute little American diner last time we were in Buxton and I realised the flowers matched my sister.

While waiting for our food order, I took a picture of the watch I bought yesterday because I’m in love with it and it’s really comfy and yes it’s a man’s watch but I need the big numbers because I’m blind and I don’t like ‘women’s watches’. Gender neutral jewellery yes please.

Now I’m not normally one for taking photos of my food, but the food was so great – I ordered a kids fish and chips (because I’d already spotted a caramel apple pie on the desert menu and wanted to save myself) and it was beautiful – I love battered fish and the chips were lovely and there were peas which means it was a healthy meal, right?

I love caramel, I love any apple desert and when dark chocolate is drizzled over the top I am sold – I wasn’t hungry enough to eat this caramel apple pie but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t eat it all.

I ate it all.

Next we went to a vintage/antiques store on the high street where there were mostly over-priced things from fifty years ago. But I thought this guitar with no strings was pretty funky.

My mum had a few birthday present bits and bobs to buy so we went into some card shop and my sometimes-artsy-fartsy-photography brain thought this photo would like kind of cool – I’ll let you be the judge.

At this point we tried to find my dad again (because card shopping isn’t exciting, apparently) and when he told us he’d be in Costa coffee and wasn’t in Costa coffee, we took the opportunity to sit down for a little bit – we’d been shopping for two hours.

When we left the shopping centre of Buxton to go back to the car… in pouring rain. Late June in England should be somewhat sunny but no, of course it’s not. There was a pretty park on the way back so I thought I’d try and put some more ‘artsy fartsy’ into my photography.

So much green, so little summer.

Look at all the rain on those leaves. So well hydrated.

Apparently I thought the stairs to a band stand would be arty.

And then we came back to the pub accommodation we’re staying in and I got bored and tried to take a picture whilst sitting cross legged. Doesn’t my hair look frizzy?

I’m currently sat writing this just about to go down to dinner in the pub to meet Emma, my friend from Texas! Suddenly feeling very surreal that I’m going to meet someone in person that I’ve only ever talked to online – a good kind of surreal though, an exciting kind of surreal.

Thank you for reading, going home to decent WiFi tomorrow!

Sophie xx

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