Page 172 of 365: A Weekend Without WiFi



It’s going to be a short post today because I’ve come away for the weekend with my family (Sunday to Tuesday) because we’re meeting up with my American friend Emma while she’s in the country and celebrating the end of my exams.

Except we made the mistake of letting my Dad book the hotel. My dad doesn’t check things like WiFi availability and signal usage.

I have no service at all, there was one spot on our table at dinner that had a tiny bit of signal so I managed to send a few texts to the friend I’m meeting up with to try and organise meeting up with her but I’ve not got access to my emails, my YouTube video for today is going to take 98 minutes to upload and I was going to have a proper night on tumblr from the room above the pub that we’re staying in but I definitely won’t be able to get onto the website for very long, let alone have it load.

I’m not one of these people that’s too reliant on the internet – I spent two hours editing my video earlier and I’ll go on tumblr for a tiny little bit to copy and paste the requests I need to write and then I’ll go back up to the room and write until I fall asleep tonight which will probably be pretty soon because I am exhausted from such a busy day in London yesterday.

Tomorrow’s post will probably be a little more exciting because I’m going out with the family for the day and I’ll take pictures and do a photography post – I’ve not done one of those for a while!

To a few days without WiFi!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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