Page 171 of 365: Sprinkle of Glitter’s LouiseLIVE! (review)



I went to see Sprinkle of Glitter’s LouiseLIVE show in London today and it was amazing, but it was also a really nice day out and part of this blog is so I can remember nice days out, so let’s start from the very beginning.

First thing that went extremely well this morning and set me up for a really great day (might have been the reason I felt so great all day, to be honest!) was my eyeliner. 

Somewhat inspired by Taylor Swift in the Bad Blood video, I was so happy with my eyeliner today. I literally spent all day telling my mum and my sister how great my eyeliner was, it is great (I posted an outfit/make-up photo on tumblr and it got a hundred notes, definitely a good outfit).

We then sat on a very, very busy train for an hour and a half to get to London, walking to Bloomsbury Theatre to get our bearings. We then went for a wonder a found a park opposite a Pret A Manger and Starbucks and bought a little picnic lunch and ate while laughing at fat pigeons and using my selfie stick.

My mum is a beautiful lady.

I got really bored waiting for them to take selfies and also my tongue looks so weird?

I love pulling funny faces and my mum was actually smiling and that makes me happy.

I must make my family proud.

So many faces that I scared away the fam.

There’s a nice selfie!

Aaaaaaaaaand I got bored again…

And then we went back to the theatre to wait for LouiseLIVE! On the seats were these little poster card things (header picture) and that’s gone in my piles of things that are going to go on my new wall when I move out in September!

Just as the show was about to start I noticed Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs walk into the theatre and sit a little bit further down our row. Then Hazel Hayes and Benjamin Cook walked in and I noticed Gary C too. Turns out a bunch of Louise’s friends and family were in the audience and it just made the show way more exciting and fun because they would shout out as much as the rest of the audience and it was brilliant.

Louise is a natural born comedian – she was telling stories like all my favourite comedians do and her delivery and timing was really well rehearsed and delivered.

Can you I tell I watch a lot of comedy?

There was a lot of interaction in the show – a quiz, a Q&A and another interactive game and it was so nice to see Louise really talking to her fans and having fun with her friends who also went up on stage a little bit.

In the second interactive game, Louise bought a bunch of younger people – most of them were under 13 – on to stage and Louise’s friends, the wonderful friends they are, all pointed at Dean Dobbs and Louise pulled him up on stage.

Dean Dobbs, 23 years old, standing next to an 11 year old girl. His facial expressions during the whole event were almost as entertaining as Louise’s description of ‘Louise Land’ and it’s Glittons.

Two hours flew by – I could have watched this show for so much longer, I’d love to see Louise experimenting more with comedy because I really think she could soar, she’s just a naturally very funny person.

The last thing I really want to praise about the show sounds like a silly thing but, to me at least, it really changed the show and made it much more personal – Louise swore. She apologised to all the parents and littlies, of course, but she swore and she spoke like she really did – she seemed very much ‘herself’, or at least ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’, on stage and it just made it seem so much more real and not like she was putting on an act for two hours.

I feel like I probably shouldn’t be so impacted by swearing, but as an 18-almost-19-year-old in a room where I’d guess the average age was somewhere between 14 and 15 I felt kind of old, so hearing someone swear in the way I do made it feel like I was supporting a friend on stage, rather than watching someone who I’ve followed on YouTube for years.

I’ve had such a nice day. Even though I got absolutely soaked on the walk back to Kings Cross.

Thank you Louise and thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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