Page 170 of 365: SOPHIE IS A FREE ELF!



Love a good Harry Potter reference when I can’t find it – Sophie is free.

Free from exams! No longer a school student, not officially a student again until September (maybe) and only a student for the intents of discounts in stores.

There’s been a lot of Harry Potter references floating around today – most people have finished their exams by now and a lot of ‘freedom’ and Summer plans have been floating around on Twitter and Snapchat and I’m so glad to finally join them.

It’s been such a nice day – I finished my exam by around half past 11, I had a fairly nice walk home, I did my Ab Challenge workout and had a shower and then I made a toastie for lunch and played the piano for a bit (potential Hey Violet cover coming your way, always one for a sneaky promo) before tidying my room.

Like, voluntarily tidying my room and it’s almost tidy, I kind of need a giant sort out of a lot of my room and I’m actually going to have time to do that now because I don’t have to do past papers or make notes.

I also had time to make this really appalling photoshop (on paint).

I’ve blended it so well, right?

(It’s deliberately bad, by the way – if I had Photoshop, I could probably try and edit something a little bit better)

Thank you for reading, here’s where it gets exciting – seeing Sprinkle of Glitter in her show LouiseLIVE tomorrow!

Sophie xx

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