Page 168 of 365: My Favourite Albums of All Time



Yesterday’s blog post was a bit miserable, so I’m not going to acknowledge it and just move on with today’s post.

I have an ongoing list of all time favourite albums that I just adore so much that I can only explain my love for them by saying it’s like being punched in the chest with music. At the moment there are only five albums on my list, but I want to try and explain what it is about each of these albums that I really love and why the albums are so diverse. 

So, in chronological order, we begin with…

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer
The soundtrack of the movie with the animated horse. I grew up with this movie – my dad loves it so I watched it a lot when I was younger. I adore the music in this movie but thinking about it now I don’t know really how I’d categorise it – I want to say acoustic because I think of it as a lot of acoustic guitars but when the Wikipedia page for the album says ‘Rock’ and ‘Soft rock’ and I suppose that’s pretty accurate; it was gently training me to like rock music I guess. 

I love the lyrics in these songs and I love Bryan Adams’ voice – it’s so raw and emotional but passionate and strong too, I love singing those songs and I’d love to have the opportunity to record a studio version. Because I cannot play any instruments well enough!

Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna
I said diverse, right? From animated movie soft rock to 2007 pop and R&B! I bought this album in 2008 because in September of that year I moved dance school and my new tap and modern teacher, Miss Lisa (who I adore and miss to this day) liked giving us warm ups to Disturbia by Rihanna, a single from this album and I fell in love. I loved and still love this song and bought the album, one of the first ones I bought on my own I think but I couldn’t tell you the first album I bought if I tried, it was probably Busted or S Club 7.

I love ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ because it’s got some really upbeat and pop-y songs but there’s rockier songs like ‘Shut Up and Drive’ and ‘If I Never See Your Face Again’ with Maroon 5 but there’s a really emotional song called ‘Cry’ that I had on repeat when I first started writing properly when I was 12. That song means an awful lot to me and I’d love to learn to play it on piano one day.

This is War 30 Seconds to War
I listened to this album because my friend let me her copy of it and I just love it – it’s a lot darker than anything else I’d really listened to and I loved how angsty and emotional it was. It made me want to choreograph dances and drama pieces and one day, if I’m relatively famous enough to bypass the copyright issues, I’d still like to do this.

Cute story – the same friend was wanting to get rid of that album a couple of years later and I expressed how much I loved it and she gave it to me. So now I have my own copy and there’s something really satisfactory about actually owning a physical copy of an album.

Save Rock and Roll Fall Out Boy
I’ve expressed before how much I love Fall Out Boy when I reviewed ‘Centuries’ and their newest album ‘American Beauty American Psycho’. I got into Fall Out Boy when I heard ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) and I remember in the Summer of 2013 after my GCSE exams had finished, I got the bus into town with my friend (a different one, I know it’s a miracle – I used to have more than one friend!) and i went into HMV and I bought my own copy of Save Rock and Roll and I just loved it.

It really was like getting punched in the chest with music – it’s so full of attack and energy and it might have been the album that really got me into pop-punk. I just adore every song – I think ‘The Phoenix’ is a perfect introductory song and ‘Save Rock and Roll’ the song, featuring Elton John is just, just beautiful. In this very moment, actually, I’ve realised I want to get ‘You are what you love, not who loves you’ tattooed next. I’ve wanted this tattoo for probably over a year but I need to figure out where I want it, but these words are just so poignant and so important. I want to remember them forever.

Future Hearts All Time Low
I reviewed Future Hearts when it came out in April this year and I still love it just as much. Each song is so individual, different and progressive for the band and definitely some of the best music they’ve ever made. My favourite All Time Low song isn’t actually on this album, but there’s a couple of songs that are pretty close. ‘Old Scars / Future Hearts’ is another one I’d love to cover but a badly played acoustic guitar wouldn’t give it any justice.

Alex Gaskarth is an amazing lyricist and the band in it’s entirety are all phenomenal musicians. They’re the only band I’ve seen perform their own headline shows 4 times, 4 years consecutively. By god am I excited for the 5th.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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