Page 166 of 365: I’m writing again!



I’m afraid this is going to be a late one because I’ve actually been writing and I didn’t want to interrupt it because I’ve not felt this inspired to write anything in a very long time. 

It wasn’t even fanfiction either – it’s just a short piece of writing where I really focused on description and sensory awareness and I really like it. I think I’ll post it on here when it’s finished because I like the style and it’s something a bit different to what I normally do (so far).

Normally I write with a lot of dialogue because I’m good at writing realistic dialogue – writing as people actually talk so people can imagine it and make it more empathetic and relatable. But I really like writing that takes notice of smaller details – like in the piece I wrote called ‘Blue Door‘ (always shamelessly self promoting!), I love that because it focuses on little details and associations those little details have. I think it makes it realistic because people do have stories associated with small things – everyone has items in their rooms that have stories and memories about and I think it makes a reader connect more with a character.

It’s times like this that really remind me how much I love writing – investing myself in someone I’ve invested, where I have control over every thought and movement and word they say. Does that seem creepy? Maybe a little, but at least it’s only fictional people I’m trying to control!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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