Page 165 of 365: Nervous To Upload a Video



Tonight I am uploading the only video that I’ve ever been nervous to upload – it’s the most emotional I’ve ever been in a video and it’s the closest I’ve ever got to crying. That and it’s about a minute and a half longer than I usually let me YouTube videos be. Initially it was around 10 minutes long but I edited it down about six times to settle on this – potentially one of the best edited videos I’ve ever made.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot – people, especially school people, are very quick to judge when they find out you like a band, let alone being emotionally invested in a band and one Sunday, two weeks ago today I think, I actually got quite emotional about this and I managed to describe everything I’ve been thinking and feeling quite articulately.

I think this is something my tumblr followers will particularly appreciate, because there are a lot of people just like me on tumblr that love bands and rely emotionally on bands far more than they’d like to admit – I’m exactly the same.

Quite coincidentally, Michael Clifford, 5SOS guitarist, was caught up in a pyrotechnic flame at their Wembley show on Saturday night and (according to a post on tumblr, not sure how reliable that is) suffered first degree burns to his face, almost losing his sight in his left eye. (According to a post that looked like it came from his mum, but anything can be fabricated)

Luckily he’s okay and he’s going back to perform at Wembley again tonight, but I know myself and a lot of fans online found themselves panicking and getting really, really worried about this person we don’t know. Hopefully this video will explain why we got so worried.

If you’d like to watch it when it goes live at 8pm (around the same time as this blog post!) here is the link!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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