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I’ve not done any creative writing for a while and whenever I do, I tend to google ‘writing prompts’ and find one I like, but the last few times I’ve done this it’s been really disappointing! So I went through my likes on tumblr and found a few posts that were long lists of AUs (it stands for alternative universe – in the case of band fanfiction, an example would be an alternative universe where the band go to Hogwarts or something) and picked a title I really liked the sound of.

Here’s ‘we live in different countries and got paired up as pen pals for a project for school’ au:

Sent: 16-11-2014 11.24pm
Subject: pen pal project xx
Message: Hiya, 
My school paired me up with you so we could do our project together? I’m from England, 17, but you probably know that.
If you’ve got any ideas let me know 🙂
Look forward to working with you,
Tash xx

Sent: 17-11-2014 9.42am
Subject: RE: pen pal project xx
Message: Hey Tash,
Nice to meet you, you probably already know I’m Australian, 18 but that’s the formalities out the way – I’m not very interesting tbh, I play guitar, I’m in a band but we’re a bit shit, I think I care as much about this project about as much as you do :/
We have to focus on cultural differences right? I love music so I thought maybe we could look at charts on exactly the same day in Australia and England and see the similarities/differences? Idk, it’s just an idea 🙂

Sent: 17-11-2014 4.29pm
Subject: RE: pen pal project xx
Message: Hi Ryan, that’s a great idea, I love music too – I play bass and saxophone among badly trying to teach myself any instrument I can get my hand on :’) maybe we could use an American chart like billboard as a control variable? This is way more exciting than the shitty ideas they gave us to write about
I can get the charts from last weekend if you like?
Tash xx

8 months later

Ryan: good luck for your exam! I tried to figure out time zones but you know I’m shit at that, you’ll be great!

Tash: I’ve done it now you loser :’) it was okay but I don’t think it went well, done now though – only one left! then i’m done forever yay 

Ryan: lol @ u mate

Tash: not funny, just because you finished school months ago -.-

Ryan: you’re almost there though, i’m only joking

Tash: i knoooooooow, i’ll be off to australia in september anyways 😀

Ryan: can’t believe you’re actually coming to uni here

Tash: can’t believe I’ll actually get to meet you

Ryan: can’t wait! it’s going to be great

Tash: still can’t get over how i made friends with the dork from my culture project

Ryan: we aced that project and what can i say – it must be my charm 😉

Tash: you’re such a loser

Ryan: your loser

Tash: obviously

I’m not sure if I like this, I picked this AU because I wanted to experiment with different forms but I don’t know if it just ended up being a string of really boring emails and a too-sarcastic Facebook chat. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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