Page 158 of 365: Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour (5SOS + Hey Violet) | 06-06-15



As I’ve mentioned again and again, I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour in Birmingham on Saturday and, as promised, here’s a blog post about the day!

I travelled into Birmingham on the day before the concert, because we wanted to see Hey Violet’s acoustic set and since I’m in the middle of my exams, I needed a rest and a break (and I’d done an exam that morning!). So we got the train to Birmingham (we being me and Jenny, @Supernova5SOS on twitter) and walked to our hotel, then going to the arena to watch the set.

It was incredible – I really fell in love with Hey Violet this weekend because I got to meet them twice and they were so lovely and chilled and down to Earth and god damn it they’re all so beautiful, I look like a toad in the above picture.

However, the following day we got to meet them again (we adopted a Katy overnight) and everyone was taking normal, smiley photos as we had done the day before. We asked for a silly one.

It was so much fun, I adore this picture so, so much because they’re fast becoming one of my favourite bands and I was lucky enough to meet them twice and they’re just so much fun, they’re such a nice group of people that I can overlook the fact that half of them are younger than me and make me feel inadequate and untalented (bantz).

They were even better on stage than they were in their acoustic – they fed off the energy of the audience and even though I’m 90% sure we were the only ones in our block dancing, they had everyone getting excited and pumped up. Definitely the best opening act I’ve seen since New City Kings at McBusted (blog post about New City Kings here and McBusted here… I’m not above shameless self-promotion).

But here’s the headliner: 5 Seconds of Summer. I already knew how incredible they were live because I’ve seen them three times (all opening for One Direction) and their live album LiveSOS is incredible but actually seeing them in real life and trying to come to terms with the fact that they are real people playing real instruments with real personalities and real stage presences kind of blew me away.

It was an amazing performance – there’s no question that they’re an incredible live band and to find that in this society that is harbouring more and more auto-tuned chart songs and an industry that’s increasingly difficult to get into, these guys are still standing out because they throw everything into their performances and it’s not hard to tell that they’re living every second of it as if the dream could die any second (but they have way too many fans for that now anyway).

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this sweaty in my life.” – Luke Hemmings

Direct quote that I heard him say with his real voice in real life at a real concert.

Can you tell I’m having trouble coming to terms with the fact they’re real people and not just a bunch of dorks I see pratting around through my computer screen? 

I try really hard to think of them ‘complexly’ (as many YouTuber’s say when defending themselves against fans) because I know they are human beings and they are real people but they’ve never been that real to me before – all the other times I’ve seen them they’ve been an opening act but here they were holding their own performance and to watch them grow from the nervous boys they were in 2013 into these confident, talented young men in 2015 is an honour.

But that sounds pretentious and a bit too formal for me so I’ll add that they were ‘rad af’.

In my traditional tour nerd fashion, I must acknowledge that it was amazing to see John Feldmann play drums when Ashton came forward to sing Pizza and the light and sound production was incredible. As after every show, I’ll say again how much I’d love to be on a tour production team. Wannabe roadie right here.

I’ll do anything. But making videos and YouTube/online content is the dream. 

Speaking of online content, the vlog I made of the weekend is edited and uploading right now so I will add a link when it’s online!

EDIT: ta da!

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you also went to the ROWYSO tour and think there’s anything I missed!

Sophie xx

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