Page 156 of 365: Hey Violet and YouNow!



Today’s a late one because I’ve been on YouNow with Jenny for about two and a half hours and I’ll be honest, I completely forgot.

This blog post is coming to you in two parts – first part, we got to Birmingham in one piece and went to the Hey Violet acoustic set at the arena and it was incredible and we got to meet the band! It was incredible, they’re so good live and I can’t wait to see them perform an electric set tomorrow night. They were really, really sweet and clearly wanted to chat more but they were only allowed to take photos – we had a selfie stick and they seemed interested in it but unfortunately we weren’t allowed any more time with them.

We’re going to go to the acoustic set they’re doing tomorrow and see if they remember us from today, it’s going to be awesome.

The second part of this post is about how Jenny and I accidentally spent hours on YouNow? I wanted to do a live stream of some sort tonight because I thought it would be something to pass the time and it’s not like we got hundreds of views or anything – we got about 16 views maximum but we had a few people that stuck around for a couple of hours and one of them we’re going to meet tomorrow and it was really sweet!

I feel comfortable on camera, with all the YouTube videos I make it would be odd if I didn’t feel comfortable on camera! But I was surprised by how naturally we fell into talking enough for people to actually be interested enough to watch. I really, really enjoyed it, we’re going to try and do another couple of YouNow’s tomorrow and maybe get into it more regularly!

Thank you for reading, I’ve had an amazing day,

Sophie xx

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