Page 153 of 365: 4 days till 5SOS



I’m going to see my second favourite band in four days. 

I’ll just ‘disclaimer’ now – I’m trying to make saying that they’re my ‘second favourite band’ like an in joke thing, it’s not going well but they actually are my second favourite band behind All Time Low so it’s not me being really harsh, they legitimately are second.

I suppose this post is to say I’m not excited yet and I don’t know why? I’m kind of nervous – we bought the tickets for this tour almost a year ago and I’ve been daydreaming about it basically ever since, especially with all the people they’ve been bringing up on stage I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’m really worried I’m building it up too much and I’ll be disappointed.

I know I won’t be – I know it’s going to be an incredible show and seeing them do their own set for the first time is going be incredible and I’m hoping to make a bunch of friends outside the arena and I’m hoping to make, like, a whole event out of it but I’m nervous. I’m not good at talking to strangers and hopefully the fact I’ll be with people that are going to be seeing 5SOS that night will make it easier but I’m nervous that no one from tumblr will actually come talk to me and I’ll look like a total loser.

I know I’m over thinking things, it’s going to be great, but I’ve got too much exam stress to let myself get excited yet.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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