Page 145 of 365: Pitch Perfect 2 (movie review)



I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with my mum and my sister and oh my dear lord it was incredible – we loved the first film because it was so funny, so different and the music was incredible, so we were more than excited when we heard a second one had been announced.

I was particularly excited because I knew Flula Borg was playing the leader of the rival German acapella group and I love his work on YouTube – particularly his collaborations with Mamrie Hart. I also absolutely adore Anna Kendrick, she is like a celebrity version of me and I love her.

So it’s not surprising that I absolutely adored this film. I feel like whenever I review songs or films I always say the same things, but the script was so fabulous – it was hilarious, some of the lines were so quotable that in the car on the way home, my mum, my sister and I kept reminding each other of our favourite lines. Such as ‘I must go rest my neck, it aches from looking down at you’, which I will be using.

(I won’t, but I wish I was sassy enough to!)

For a film about an all-girl acapella group, it should be given that the music is incredible. I know for a fact that really good music makes me well up, but it’s usually when kids sing in harmony that I almost-cry. I welled up at so many different points in this film and at the end I was all-but sobbing in the middle of the cinema it was beautiful and empowering and I love girls coming together and supporting other girls and kicking ass.

And in the end when there was lots of performances and you spot one of your favourite bands Pentatonix dressed in Canada costumes? It just makes the whole event even more exciting! It was a small cameo performance and had very little effect on the film as a whole, but it’s still exciting to see one of your favourite band’s appear in a really big movie.

The casting was perfect – all the girl’s in the Barden Bella’s worked so well together as a cast, particularly when they went on the retreat and in the climax of the film before their final performance. An incredible addition since the first film was Hailee Steinfield – she played a freshman (I think? I don’t understand the American college/university system) and the element she brought to the film was brilliant and hilarious. I love Hailee Steinfield because she’s my age and, I’ll be honest, I’m jealous of her success but I adore her so I use that jealousy to work harder and one day, maybe, I’ll be as successful as her. Probably in a different field, I’m not very good at acting as someone else.

The only thing that really disappointed me in the film was a lack of a same-cast sequel – they built it up so a sequel could definitely happen but I don’t think they could do it with Anna Kendrick, Britney Snow, Rebel Wilson and the other girls which makes me really sad. I just love Anna Kendrick. I love her so much.

I love Pitch Perfect 2. But I would also pay to see Anna Kendrick: The Movie.

Thank you for reading!

Sophie xx

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