Page 143 of 365: Eurovision 2015



It’s going to be a short one tonight because I’m watching Eurovision and I’m on my first cider of the night and I’m spelling things wrong already (it’s embarrassing, I’m not even a light weight).

I love Eurovision a lot – I’m obsessed with music as it, I love travelling so I love seeing a little glimpse of what these countries want to share with the rest of Europe (and Australia, this year) and I’m in love with Graham Norton’s commentary because he’s almost as sarcastic as me.

A lot of it is awful but it’s patriotism in the weirdest sense of the word because I’m really not a very big fan of the British song – I normally love that genre of music but I don’t like the way the girl sings completely away from the guy while he’s trying so desperately to connect with her? I feel like she has no sense of stage presence or performance.

I’m hardly an expert in stage presence or performance, but I’ve been dancing since I was three and I’m obsessed with performance. I’m no good at directing (yet) but I do know what makes a good performance. I want to be better at directing people, it’s something I’m going to work on in the next few years.

I don’t think that’s relevant to Eurovision, but a cute guy with classes from Cyprus and stubble is singing a rather lovely ballad and I clicked off this page long enough to watch the Australian Bruno Mars being absolutely incredible.

Do you want me to do a proper Eurovision tomorrow after it’s all finished? I’m making notes on each act, it’s very official.

Thank you for reading!

Sophie xx

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