Page 142 of 365: Prom dress shopping is hard



Today I went prom dress shopping with my Mum and I expected to find lots of dresses and take lots of pictures to show you and feed back on but, considering my mum and I were shopping for approximately four and a half hours looking almost exclusively for dresses (we did a bit of summer clothes shopping as well, I’m going to film a haul over the weekend on my YouTube channel!) but I tried on a total of two and I didn’t buy either of them.

Both were from John Lewis, first I tried on this dress:

The dress I tried on was navy rather than ‘grape’ (purple) but it was the same design. I wasn’t sure about it, I looked okay on I guess but I didn’t fall in love – I felt it made me look kind of frumpy and I want to feel skinny and sexy in the dress I wear to prom and I didn’t feel anything more than mediocre in this dress. For that reason, we decided against it.

The next dress I tried on I did love, but it wasn’t very prom-like:

I liked it – it was tight enough that it made me feel skinny and long enough to be decent but not so long that it was an awkward length. I felt like Carrie Hope Fletcher in her beautiful red dress but with less hair and fat ankles.

I was so close to asking for the dress because I felt like Carrie but it wasn’t a cheap dress and I knew I wouldn’t actually wear it so unfortunately it was left on the rack.

But I didn’t find any other dresses at all! We went in five or six different shops but I couldn’t find anything that appealed to me – I want something sophisticated and classy but a little bit sultry, a little sexy; a bit of lace or something to make it a little different.

My prom is only five weeks away, I’m not sure whether I should be a bit nervous or not yet. If you know any (UK) sites that might have something I’m looking for please leave it in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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