Page 140 of 365: 1 exam down, 2 prom dresses to go!



I had my first exam this morning and last night I barely slept – it was around 4am when I finally fell asleep and I didn’t stay asleep for very long because I felt really anxious about the exam and I felt sick and I was shaking and it really wasn’t very nice way to start my exam but I just took it really slow and the paper was actually really nice.

It wasn’t easy, as such, but I think I knew how to answer all the questions. With maths, there’s normally one question that’s somewhere between four and seven marks that I can’t answer because I have no idea and I sacrifice the question for the sake of time and answering the other questions. I’ve found that in all the past papers I did, this came up at least once on every paper and it was okay because I got all the other questions right and I even got a couple of As with sacrificing these questions but I actually answered all the questions, which I was really happy with.

In other, infinitely more exciting news, I think I’ve found a prom dress I really like! I think I’ve ordered maybe 5 prom dresses so far and none of them have fit because the waist has been in the wrong place because I’m 5’10” or the dress is really short because I’m 5’10”. At least I’ve not put on weight and I actually fit into my size – score!

Being 5’10” makes buying clothes hard because in (what I will call) ‘normal’ sizes clothes, as in not petite or tall, everything’s too short or not quite in the right place but in ‘tall’ clothes, I’m actually short. I think in the clothes world it’s either 5’9″ or 5’10” that is classified as tall so I’m right at the bottom end of that spectrum.

But this dress is beautiful – it’s technically white but it’s got this lace decoration on the bodice and the skirt is lace too and the model in the picture is 5’9.5″ so it should fit me! I love it because it’s formal enough that I can wear it to prom but I’m loving lace right now because it makes me feel sexy and hot and I’m not someone who naturally feels like that. 

The more I look at this dress the more I like it and I’m trying not to in case it doesn’t fit, because I don’t want to be disappointed. But it comes in two colours and I already asked my tumblr followers but I wanted to see what you guys think too – blue or black?

I really like the black because I got this really dark lipstick the other day and I’m in love with it and pairing that with this dress, a smokey eye look and my killer black heels (I got so excited about them when they arrived that I wrote a blog post about it) would look so sexy. But because I’m so pale, I don’t know if the black will be too dark and just make me look even paler? I’m not sure thought, it might be a contrast.

But I started out this search for a dress wanting a blue dress, admittedly the blue of this dress is lighter than what I thought I wanted but I have blue eyes and it might make them look brighter and it’s an excuse to buy new heels and accessories. I do already own a lot of black because I’m a wannabe punk-rock-grunge kid but I feel like the blue would be really striking.

My mum’s quite happy for me to order both as long as we send at least one back, but I want to get a second opinion on it! Leave me a comment or tweet me @SophieALuckett!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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