Page 138 of 365: I was on Radio 1!



I feel like I’ve talked a lot about the Internet Takeover and Radio 1 because I go through phases where I listen to nothing but Radio 1 and then I don’t listen to it for a while and then I go back to it.

I saw Jack Howard tweet earlier today about emailing the BBC with details to be on their game ‘The Right Opinion’ where they ask you questions and judge whether your opinion is right.

And I was picked? I had a chat with a very nice guy from Radio 1 earlier and he rung me back at about half past 9 to be on live radio to play their game.

I was shaking so much, my heart was beating so hard and I’m not entirely sure why because I’ve met Jack before and he’s lovely and I love Radio 1 and I’d love to be a presenter on a show one day, but I was absolutely terrified.

I was caller 1, I opened the game by telling them my name and that I was from Lincolnshire and they asked me how Lincoln was, because they both went to Uni there (as far as I’m aware). 

I don’t live anywhere near Lincoln and let’s just say it’s not renowned for it’s beauty.

I said it was ‘fabulous’.


I will have two English A Levels in August and the word I chose, out of my fairly broad vocabulary, was fabulous.

I want a hole to open in the ground and swallow me up.

I answered two questions, one of which was ‘What time is it?’ (which I didn’t realise they were asking me, I thought they were just checking the time) and I stupidly went with 21.36 rather than ‘party time’, ‘time of your life’- damn it, I should have said time for a kit kat! Sod’s law that I think of something actually witty half an hour too late.

The second question was ‘Crumpets or psogun-ets’ – I had absolutely no idea what they said, I asked them to repeat it and went with crumpets and they knew, obviously, that I didn’t know what the second option was and I looked like a completely twat on live, international radio.

I’m still blushing.

My final score was -1 – I got a negative score, I feel so stupid but I just talked on what is probably the most famous radio station in the country.

No one could tell I was shaking and I couldn’t breathe, maybe the BBC will respond to my apprenticeship request now.

I was going to write about Taylor Swift’s new music video ‘Bad Blood’ until I was on Radio 1 so if you still want me to write that, please leave a comment or message me on tumblr, twitter, all the social medias.

Thank you for reading, sorry I was an embarrassment on live radio,

Sophie xx

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