Page 136 of 365: 5SOS Birmingham Meet-Up?



This post is mostly for my tumblr followers if I’m honest, because I’m going to see 5 Seconds of Summer on June 6th in Birmingham. The header photo is a photo I took (so don’t repost etc, please) when they opened for One Direction on the Take Me Home tour in 2013 – I can’t even put into words how excited I am to see them on their own tour for the first time. 

Even though I’ve seen them in concert three times.

I don’t really know anything about organising a meet up, all I know is that I want to meet a few of my followers and give them hugs and take selfies and make friends with new fans – I know the arena quite well so if I held a meet up it would be outside the main entrance and it would be maybe around midday and should I make a sign?

I’m going to the concert on the 6th but I’m also going to be in Birmingham on the 5th so maybe I could do something then too?

But I don’t know much about organising meet ups and a meet up isn’t much fun if no one turns up! I need help – I need help promoting the ‘event’ and I need advice.

Should I make a facebook group? Should I just make a post on tumblr? Please leave comments or message me if you’ve got any advice or if you’re going to the June 6th show.

I want to meet more fans and make friends, let’s do this!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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