Page 135 of 365: Inspired by my teachers



Today was my last day of school (have I said that enough?) and it was a bad day, if I’m honest – I didn’t really enjoy it at all.

But I don’t want to think about that – my teachers were all so sweet and lovely and I wanted to talk today about what my favourite English teacher said to me.

I’ve talked before about how I love my English Literature class – the people are so lovely and my teachers are fantastic. In our last lesson today we gave presents and reminisced about stories of our two years as a class and then my teacher, proposed a game of sorts.

She suggested that we guessed what everyone would be doing in ten years from now. We went around the circle and it sounds a little bit cliché to say I was last, but we’d had a lawyer, an English teacher, someone dead, a rich man’s wife, a ballet teacher, an MP and many undecided people when it turned to me – as someone who had provided most of the cakes for the day, most people said baker but that’s nowhere near who I am, my mum does baking and whilst I do love baking, it’s a recreational hobby not a job.

Though if it gets me a job I have no complaints!

My English teacher then, when no one was really listening, said that she thought I’d be a writer that had a blog on the side. Now, I don’t know if she just liked the writing style of the article I handed in as my coursework or maybe she knows I have a blog (if that’s the case, I’m sorry for all the typos Miss) but I’ve never felt more highly complimented or more inspired in my life.

My English teacher, i.e. someone who studies books and graduated from Cambridge University thinks that I could be a writer. She thinks I could publish books and she might even think I’d be good at it.

A while back she said it would be her dream to sit and annotate poems all day and if I ever got my own publishing company or anything, I’d want to give her a job like that – I don’t think it exists but I’d invent it for her because I’ve never been so inspired or loved a teacher as much as I do this one.

I’m not sad to be leaving school, but I will miss my teachers, especially my English teachers.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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