Page 134 of 365: One day more (of school)



I only have one more day of school ever and then I never have to go to lessons again I just have eight exams, book return day and results day then I never have to set foot in a school ever again!

Not that I’m excited, but I’m just so ready to move on from being treated like a child and timetables lessons in subjects I don’t like and bitchy pathetic cliques and gossip and the people I’ve seen five days a week for (in some cases) fourteen years.

Bearing in mind, I am eighteen, fourteen years is a damn long time.

I am getting a little bit nostalgic – I’ve been writing cards for teachers and organising presents and realising how much I am going to miss a lot of my teachers (not all of them lol) and I’m going to really enjoy watching a lot of the people I’ve been learning with grow and prosper when they go to Uni or do whatever they do.

There’ll be people I’ll be glad to see the back of and people I’ll realise that I talked to because I saw them five days a week not because I liked them but I’m a very nostalgic person – I imagine there’ll be a fair bit of crying tomorrow which will look rather silly considering I’ll be wearing a Cookie Monster onesie.

I think I’ve said before that I do love school – I’m a giant nerd in the fact I do love school and I love learning and I usually have really good relationships with my teachers. But fourteen years is a really long time – I’ve outgrown school for the moment and I’m ready to move on to something new.

Apparently there’s a Spider-Man comic called ‘One More Day’ – I couldn’t not include Spider-Man when the opportunity was there.

Next year is so uncertain – if I get the grades, I might go to University, if I get an interview, I might be doing an apprenticeship with the BBC (my application is ‘in review’) or I might be having a year off to do some travelling and get my head around what I am doing next!

It’s terrifying but exciting, and tomorrow might be the first day of it.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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