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Because this blog is quite personal, I always assume that people who read my posts somewhat understand me. Some might – if you know me in person then my blog posts might feel more personal but if I’m just someone you found online, then I might just be a collection of words on a web page.

I like having a personal style and I want you, as a reader, to feel connected with me, as a writer. So I found a tag quiz called the ‘Get To Know Me’ tag so you can find out a bit more about me!

Vital stats:
Name: Sophie Luckett
Nickname: Soph / Sluckett / Soapie Buckett (wow)
Birthday: 11-09-96 (18 as of this moment)
Place of birth: Sidcup, Kent (I think)
Starsign: Virgo
Occupation: Student, for two more days then I’m unmployed um

Hair colour: light brown, but going blonde soon!
Hair length: it falls at mid chest, but I’m desperate for it to be longer!
Eye colour: blue
Best feature: my eyes or my hair, to be honest
Braces: nope, but I do not have straight teeth
Piercings: just my ears, want to get my lip pierced soon though
Tattoos: two! blog posts about #1 and #2
Right/left handed: lefty!

Best friend: a girl called Charlotte that I don’t go to school with anymore
Award: probably a sympathy vote at primary school
Sport: dancing, also my last sport
Real holiday: Menorca I think
Concert: I genuinely can’t say – I’ve always seen shows and bands growing up but it was probably the X Factor Tour in 2006 – the year Chico was on!

Film: I always say ‘The Social Network’, probably a Marvel film though
TV show: Doctor Who, but I’m partial to a good quiz show
Colour: blue
Song: Ever After (Marianas Trench), Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson) and Time Bomb (All Time Low) are my favourite songs of all time
Restaurant: anywhere that serves pizza
Store: assuming this means clothes, I don’t have a particular favourite I just buy clothes I like
Book: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is about me, I swear to God
Magazine: Rock Sound is most suited to my genre 
Shoes: converse/vans are the best thing

Feeling: exhausted
Single/taken: pringle – it’s like single but hungry
Eating: nothing, feel a bit sick if I’m completely honest (too much information?)
Listening to: the 10 o’clock news, usually this playlist on Spotify
Thinking about: going to bed, exams, life, the universe
Watching: the 10 o’clock news, this was a bad time to write this post
Wearing: leggings and my ‘Please don’t make me do stuff’ sweater that’s three sizes too big and my favourite sweater

Want children: maybe, got to find someone who doesn’t make me nervous about commitment first
Want to be married: in theory yes, but the commitment thing is an issue
Careers in mind: so many – roadie, writer, musician, producer, director, YouTuber, journalist – too many ideas, not enough dedication
Where do you want to live: probably London, ideally travelling/touring

Do you believe in:
God: not particularly/at all
Miracles: I believe in a kind of destiny/fate, but I think miracles are a bit too far
Love at first sight: definitely not – attraction, not love
Ghosts: not at all
Aliens: definitely, there’s no way humankind is the only intelligent life in the whole universe
Soul mates: I think so
Heaven: nope
Hell: definitely not
Kissing on a first date: yeah if the moment’s there
Yourself: I don’t like being positive about myself, but generally I try

I don’t really know how much more personally you know me but if you have any more questions you want me to answer, do leave them in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

That’s where you’ll find me:
My GoFundMe Page for my trip to Ecuador:
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett

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