Page 132 of 365: Bad Day



I’m not in the mindset to write a good blog post today – I’m stressed and tired and anxious and the combination of those things only makes me feel more stressed and tired and anxious. I’ve been dealing with it thus far and I will continue to deal with it, probably, but today I’m not very good at dealing with it.

But, thinking more optimistically, the Cookie Monster onesie I ordered to wear on my last day of school was dispatched today so it’ll probably be here in time for me to wear on Friday, I had a really good catch up with my friend Poppy from dance and my Danish friend Nina went to see 5 Seconds of Summer in Copenhagen tonight and her Snapchat story nearly made me cry (that is a positive thing, 5SOS makes me emotional in a generally happy way, kinda).

However, I am tired. My chest hurts and breathing is really hard work, so I’m going to leave this one short and promise you a baking post tomorrow! Maybe, unless you don’t want a baking post, either way it’ll be something more in depth.

Thank you for reading, seriously thank you,

Sophie xx

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