Page 130 of 365: Busy Days


Why hello there!

I think I can class today as a ‘busy day’ when I’d done two maths papers before lunch (I got Bs in both, like a Sunday morning pro) – but it’s also been fairly productive so I wanted to blog about it because it’s not often that I’m very productive.

After the two maths papers, I was called down for a rather lovely Roast Chicken Sunday dinner (my favourite meal of the week, if I’m honest) and I did the washing up because I’m a fabulous daughter. I then went back into my office to play a bit of Spider-Man Ultimate to chill a little bit before going back into work.

I then pulled up YouTube and watched a few videos whilst making notes for my English Language resit exam and trying to think of an idea for today’s YouTube video. When I realised I should make a video about revision because that’s all I’ve been thinking about recently, I planned that and spent a lot longer than anticipated putting make-up on and sorting out my hair before getting my sister to help me focus my camera, start recording and then have to change the battery pack about ten seconds into the video.

I really hope I didn’t change the focus on the camera when I changed the battery, I’ve not started editing yet and it’s half past nine already (being this late makes me nervous). I filmed the video in under ten minutes which is a miracle and went back to revision.

I managed maybe another half an hour before my facebook messages started going mad and all the group chat’s I have trying to organise presents for all my teachers at school (because I have five more days of school ever and I’m so excited). 

At this point I was getting a little bit stressed out and went for a really long shower. 

When I was all clean and shiny (is that weird? I don’t know) I started making the pasta bake I talked about in this blog post recipe to put in the fridge to take to school as my lunch this week – the last week I’ll ever need lunch boxes. After making this beautiful pasta I then made myself a pot noodle for dinner at quarter to 9 and sat down to start sorting through my computer, figuring out my blog and now, at almost 10pm, I’m going to start editing my video for tonight.

Fabulously busy day.

I love busy days, I prefer busy days where I write blog posts and edit videos and make music, but revision will get me there; one day.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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