Page 127 of 365: First Time Voter



Today, I write this post as someone who’s just voted in their first general election!

Having turned 18 last September, I knew I would be eligible to vote in this general election. I’m not someone who’s generally interested in politics – I understand that it’s important, but I don’t really understand what being left or right wing means. I understand generally what the parties stand for but I don’t know any specific plans or manifestos or anything.

In part I know this is because I am lazy and haven’t put any research in, but I also have A Levels to try and pass. But I wasn’t going to let my vote go to waste.

I did a couple of quizzes online to help me understand everything a bit better and that educated my vote somewhat, but I’ll be honest, the main reason I voted at this point in my life where I don’t know enough about politics or how I’m effected by them, is because I can’t moan about the government or their policies if I didn’t vote for something.

I think voting is important – I’m incredibly privileged to be able vote and I don’t want to waste that opportunity. 

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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