Page 126 of 365: Mindless iPhone Games



I don’t know what the game in the header photo is, but it’s a photo. Let’s go with it.

Today I want to talk about those mindless iPhone games that every one becomes obsessed with and I become obsessed with three months later. You know – angry birds, temple run, flappy bird, 2048 – all completely mindless, but completely compelling.

I tend to resist buying these games for the sake of my productivity and then a few months down the line when I’m desperately trying to procrastinate I download and become obsessed with the game everyone else has already got over.

A YouTuber I follow has been playing a game called Spider-Man Ultimate and I resisted it, because it looked easy enough and I love Spider-Man a lot but I was weak and I downloaded.

You get 5 lives at a time, you have to wait 10 minutes for a new life and it’s got to a point where the games I play are long enough that I generally don’t have to wait for lives any more. I love Spider-Man, this game is kind of like Temple Run with swiping up and down, swiping to the sides to collect coins (or vials of energy) and challenges and competition to make the game more interesting.

I love games with goals because it gives me something to work towards. I don’t like this game as much considering my first A Level exam is two weeks today and I only have seven more school days before I never have to go to school properly ever again ever.

Mindless iPhone games are both a god send and my worst nightmare. Productivity – zero, but fun – lots!

What are your favourite mindless games? Tell me in the comments for when I get bored of Spider-Man and need a new game to play!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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2 thoughts on “Page 126 of 365: Mindless iPhone Games

  1. Well, these iPhone games can be quite the distraction, but they are also a great display of the processing power of this new generation of phones. So yes, they're nice indicators of quality. And with a lot of things porting from PC to mobile platforms, it would be nice to have a phone that can keep up with the requirements of such things in general.

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World


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