Page 122 of 365: The Power of the Internet



I met one of my best friend’s Nina on tumblr through a mutual love of writing and 5SOS and in the year that has past she’s become someone that I just couldn’t live without.

She recently got back from a trip to Malta and we talked a little about Ashton Irwin and rumoured girlfriend Bryana, less about the couple themselves (because he’s a person, he can’t be expected to not have/hide a girlfriend because he’s famous – he wouldn’t be with her if she didn’t make him happy) but more about the internet’s reaction to the photos and the giant shit storm that’s somewhat ensued because of it.

The internet is a powerful place – people’s careers can sky rocket because a band from one country can access the globe through YouTube and social media and have fans all across the world before they’ve even got a record deal or a chart hit. I think that’s amazing – it’s incredible in the same way that people who are famous on YouTube or vine (as in famous with millions and millions of followers) can walk around completely unnoticed. It’s not considered ‘mainstream media’ so some people are completely oblivious to this world we have and I think that’s incredible.

But then there’s the negative side to the internet – it can be a totally vicious place to be; negative criticism doesn’t just come from newspapers and critics any more – literally anyone can, and will, criticise anything. I’ve been subject to it and it’s not a nice thing – you can delete messages and comments but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been said. However, there is something incredibly satisfactory in deleting those messages and not giving the ‘hater’ (as I shall so politely call them) the satisfaction of knowing they got to you.

It does hurt and in the scale of the internet, I’m so tiny – I’m like the moon in one of those posts about how big the universe is – but it’s avoidable. You can’t stop people from sending hate – that’s their problem, not yours – but if you don’t want to see hate you don’t have to. Delete it before you can really read it, don’t follow people who spread things about hate or rumours and turn off notifications so maybe you’ll never realise that someone said something!

The internet is an amazing thing, and like every other amazing thing it has it’s downfalls, but I think the positives infinitely outweigh it.

I’ll check back in on that if I ever have lots of followers.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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