Page 121 of 365: Do what you love



I love dancing. There’s no question about it – I’m one of those kids that’s done ballet since they were three and has danced pretty much every week since (15 years times 52 weeks, that’s approximately 780 weeks!).

I’m not that great at dancing. In our last dance DVD, I stick out like a sore thumb because I’m bigger and don’t have the natural performance that all the other girls my age (who all want to be dancers or dance teachers) have.

But I couldn’t stop it for the world. I had a hip hop class tonight and they’re my favourite because there’s no syllabus work, we just do a new dance every week and I can put all my energy into it and sweat out all the shit that’s happened in the previous week. 

I love dancing – I love music and I love how people use their bodies to express themselves as an extension of music, I love dance photography and I love dance clothing (I would spend so much money on Dance Direct… if I had money that is).

But it all comes back to I’m not very good it – I don’t have time amongst all my other hobbies to stretch and better myself, dancing to me is recreational exercise otherwise I’d be the size of a house! Other girls are far skinnier than me (like, 3 or 4 sizes skinnier) and they’re driven because dance is what they want to do – it’s not for me.

That’s not going to stop me doing it. I’ll wobble around the studio putting everything in and smiling if the music suggests it.

I love dancing and I’m not going to stop doing it because I’m not a dancer.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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