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I’ve talked about having a variety of tumblr blog’s before – I’ve got my 5SOS blog and my 5SOS prompt blog and a YouTube blog and god knows what else, but I set up a ‘5SOS’ advice blog a few weeks ago.

It started that people were telling me all about their relationship and crushes and a few people moaned that it was clogging up their dashboards and they wanted me to stop answering the messages but I thought that was harsh on the people that had sent in messages pouring out their hearts to me.

So I set up ‘5SOS Advice’ – not relevant to 5SOS at all, but a support network for their fans. it started out as relationship advice and boy problems, but now I answer questions about school, friends, parents and I helped someone with their maths homework the other day.

And I love it – I love helping people, I love that people feel they trust me enough to tell me about their problems when they don’t feel they can talk to anyone else and I love that I can get to know my followers more by helping with them. I’m really enjoying this blog, I don’t get thousands of messages and I don’t have many followers at all but I really do love running it.

If you’re reading this because you follow my 5sos blog, it would mean a lot if you could follow 5sos advice

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

That’s where you’ll find me:
My GoFundMe Page for my trip to Ecuador:
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett

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