Page 116 of 365: I can’t make decisions



I’m really indecisive – anyone who’s tried to help me make a decision by text will know that I’ll put ‘idk’ every second word because I just hate making decisions.

So when trying to think of something to blog about every day, it’s a bit difficult choosing between topics that really matter to me and things that I know people will be more interested in reading. This indecisiveness is even worse on Sundays, as I have to think about what I’m going to blog about and what I’m going to make a video, where I face the same issue of knowing if I make a video or blog post with something to do with ‘5SOS’ in the title, it’ll get infinitely more interaction than anything else, because I have almost 20k followers on my 5SOS blog and they’re more interested in that topic than anything else.

But if I write and talk exclusively about 5SOS I show no diversity and I don’t explore anything regarding my own video making and a blog writing skills.

Hence the indecisiveness: views or content that I’m happier with?

Obviously I pick the content I’m happiest with because while I do love 5SOS, I’m a better journalist than that – I have to be a better journalist than that, I’m going to study journalism in September (hopefully).

I’m indecisive to the point that in a blog post about indecisiveness, I can’t actually decide on a solution or conclusion – the conclusion is that I end up picking some sort of topic and I’m normally not all that inspired about it but it’ll do because I have to think of 365 different topics to talk about by the end of the year.

Thank you or reading, if you have any suggestions or requests whatsoever please let me know!

Sophie xx

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