Page 115 of 365: Avengers: Age of Ultron (review)



Today I went to see the new Avengers film with my mum and my sister. 

I’ll say now that this isn’t a particularly indifferent or unbiased review because I really love superheroes and I adored every second of this film – it was fast paced from the go, it was witty and clever and action-packed and innovative.

I loved the first film with all my heart – I love the Steve and Tony dynamic, I love Natasha and Clint’s relationship, I have such a soft spot for Bruce Banner  and I love Thor’s characterisation as the only ‘alien’, or God or whatever you’d call him.

Normally when I go to see a film based on something else (in this case a comic, usually a book) I already know about the story and what’s going to happen – Divergent was the first film I saw having had nothing really to do with the book, other than owning it. I loved the film and I knew I’d love the series but I still haven’t got round to reading the book.

But comics are somewhat of an exception – I don’t really like comics as a format, I appreciate that the artwork is beautifully drawn and the script’s are incredibly written but I just don’t really like comments. I don’t like the way I always read the panels in the wrong order and it throws me off. It’s a petty thing but I love me a book with lots of words in it.

Though I think this does mean I love the films more, because I have no idea what’s going to happen and I really do go on the journey with the characters. However pretentious that sounds, that’s what a good film should really do.

It was a long film and having taking my mum I really wasn’t sure I wouldn’t see her checking her emails by the end of the film but she was as gripped as my sister and I were through the entire film – I loved Tony and Steve, and Nat and Clint, and Nat and Bruce, and Steve and Thor, and Tony and Bruce, and every potential relationship in this film, it was just a beautifully realistic film from a friendship point of view.

The aliens and the technology didn’t fool me, don’t you worry.

Avengers is just such an action packed franchise but I didn’t expect it to be so engaging and funny – I spent a lot more of this film laughing than I anticipated, even in the highest of action scenes you had Captain America reprimanding Iron Man’s language and Iron Man apologising to the Hulk for trying to blow him up and even Ultron, the bad guy, has a few funny lines.

It was a brilliant film. Was this review a little repetitive? Yes, but the film is not!

Solid 9/10 (don’t want to say it was perfect, gotta leave some room for improvement!), would 100% recommend. As someone who refuses to spend money at the cinema, I would be willing to spend money to see it again. And I don’t have any money. At all. I have £4 to my name.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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