Page 114 of 365: Movie Nights



Firstly I must make a short amendment to yesterday’s post – Hollie Martin wishes to be referred to as holmart (like walmart, geddit?) so, due to her request, I must make it explicitly clear that she is Hol Mart. There you go, Hol Mart. 

And on to today’s post – I’ve been looking forward to today all week, as a Friday that’s not unusual but today especially.

My dad’s on holiday at the moment which means it’s just my mum and my sister with me at home. I’ve had a painfully long week, blood test, another doctor’s appointment tonight and I’ve been looking forward to a movie night with junk food and superhero movies all week.

I’ve had cheese and bacon potato skins, fancy chicken nuggets, garlic bread, cider, cookies and chocolate, we’re watching X Men: Days of Future Past from last year and I’m going to spend all night catching up on my writing and answering messages on tumblr.

That sounds like a pretty fabulous night.

I like organisation – tomorrow I’m going for coffee with my nan, going to see the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, tomorrow and then I have a tap lesson in the evening. All day Sunday I’m going to be revising and that’s less exciting but it’s planned and I like planned things.

Movie nights are great and I feel pretty happy right now.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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