Page 109 of 365: McBusted’s ‘Most Excellent Adventure’ Tour


Dear Tom and Gi and Carrie and hello!

Last night I went to see McBusted in Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena and it was the most amazing day and I want to talk all about it.

We got a train fairly early, as in the show started at 7.30pm and our train left at 10.22am. We arrived around lunch time and walked to Frankie and Bennies to eat before going for a very minimal shop in Primark (I bought a pair of denim shorts with a Mickey Mouse design all over them, a floaty summer top and some Gryffindor pyjamas for my sister) before we found the apartment we were staying in overnight.

We plugged the postcode into the walking maps on my phone and got there in about ten minutes. We walked past this little alleyway and we saw tour buses and people and we realised it was stage door. We found the premier apartments and we could literally see the entrance to the arena.

The apartment was between the arena and stage door.

It was perfect.

From our room you could see both the arena and the stage door, so we put some music on and leant out the window to sing at people and we watching Tom Fletcher vlogging and we saw James Bourne going into the arena and it was amazing because they are real people and they actually exist.

We went back to dancing and playing music and some of the security guards that were by the merch stand being set up were twerking at us and laughing with us and we made friends.

Katy took a gorgeous picture and I fell in love with it, I’m in love with this kid.

So when we went to the merch stand to buy t-shirts and wrist bands and OMFG tins, we never considered that we could win tickets to the OMFG zone, which is a tiny standing area of the arena that’s right in front of the stage and it’s incredible.

We got two winning tins. Four tickets to the OMFG zone. We had seated tickets and we won tickets to the OMFG zone.

We won tickets to the OMFG zone.

I don’t know how it happened, apparently the merch guys knew which tins were the winning ones so they must have seen that there was four of us and made sure we had two lots of winning tins. I don’t know, I can’t explain it but I don’t want to question it because it was the best thing to ever happen.

We joined the queue for the OMFG zone and we got early access and we were maybe two metres away from the stage. It was incredible – the opening bands were so, so good and we were the only ones dancing so the lead singer of ‘Symmetry’ and the lead singer and guitarist of ‘New City Kings’ kept noticing us and Ben Kovic, the guitarist in New City Kings is beautiful and there was so much eye contact and I fell in love.

Then – McBusted.

We made friends with a girl called Jess and her mum in the queue and she took these amazing photos.

This is the best photo I got of the night of Mr Danny Jones (but I got loads of footage that I’m going to edit into a vlog when I’ve written this post!)

My friend Aimee got this incredible picture, again of Danny, and I somewhat love it.

It was such an amazing show – I said that ‘One Night In London’ when All Time Low were at Wembley arena was the best show I’ve ever been to but this is a close second – the whole stage was a working video game and it was such an incredible performance. For ‘Crashed the Wedding’, four out of six band members wore dresses and flower crowns. 

Tom Fletcher – who I’ve described my love for in blog posts before – vlogged the day and whilst we’re not in it, he talks really highly of the show we saw and what a great audience we were so you should watch that here!

Like the opening bands, we made eye contact with the band and Danny pointed straight at me and straight at Jenny and Harry threw his drum stick straight at Aimee but some guy with purple hair snatched it rudely out of her hands. 

Sounds gross but Danny spit water on us. That’s how close we are.

As of this very moment, I haven’t edited the vlog but I shall add the link in when I’ve uploaded it!

McBusted have affirmed themselves as my third favourite band and this includes McBusted in it’s entirety, Busted and McFly. So I have three bands at number three. All Time Low are number 1, 5 Seconds of Summer number 2 and McBusted number 3.

That’s a lot of love!

EDIT: Here’s the video I filmed with Jenny yesterday, interlaced with footage from the concert – I’m so pleased with it!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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