Page 108 of 365: McBusted!



Tonight I’m going to see McBusted on their ‘Most Excellent Adventure Tour’ and I’m so excited I’m writing this the night before, because right now I’m probably sat in the arena jumping up and down waiting for them to come on stage and party like it’s 2004. 

I’ve talked on YouTube a lot about how much I love Tom Fletcher’s backstage vlogs and I’ve definitely talked about how much I want to be a roadie/in tour production in the future and it would be such a blast working with this band – their stage is a working video game. 

And apparently Tom where’s a dress while they perform ‘Crashed the Wedding’. If that’s not a performance and a half I don’t know what is!

I’ll review the show properly tomorrow when I’m home and exhausted and after I’ve gone to see ‘Home’ with my family. Maybe I’ll review the ‘Most Excellent Adventure Home Tour Movie’ all in one go – you’ll never know when I’m talking about the movie and when I’m talking about the show.

(I won’t do that)

This is the first time I’ve really stayed a night somewhere that wasn’t a friends house without my parents – me and three friends are staying in Nottingham overnight and I’m really excited? Also I think I’m going to buy too much food and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Except for my bikini body. Oh dear.

Thank you for reading, I’ll write a proper review tomorrow!

Sophie xx

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